The Future: Fresh Graduate EngineersApril 02nd, 2015

All companies are looking after experienced personnel either within Engineering & Construction, Oil & Gas, Power Energy, Maritime & Shipyards, I.T. etc., but what is going to happen when existing personnel will be either too old or too expensive? The future is nevertheless represented by the fresh graduate engineers and smart companies are taking smart actions investing in their future manpower.     

Considering these, P.R.S. Ltd. aside its parent company IMRA Group, have established strategic partnerships with well-known Universities from Romania in order to take fresh graduate engineers or to set-up scholarships for those in terminal years. Having said that, we have successfully developed relationships with Technical University of Civil Engineering (Bucharest), Petroleum & Gas University (Ploiesti), CMU - Constanta Maritime University (Constanta) and "Ovidius" University (Constanta).

If your company is interested in Romanian fresh graduate Engineers (no matter the industry or specialization), please do not hesitate to contact us at for further details and we will follow-up with you shortly after in this matter.