Project Manager

Job Opening Details

Ref. No.: EN0101
Job Title: Project Manager
Sector: Engineering
Project Type: Onshore
Project Area: Algeria
Project Location: Algeria
Contract Type: Rotation
Rotation (if any): 6 weeks "on" / 1 week "off"
Contract Period: Undetermined
Start Date: February 20th, 2015
Salary: Euro TBA
Benefits: Accommodation, Meals, Airfares, Insurance & Visa
Job Posted: February 20th, 2015
Closing Date: February 20th, 2015

Job Description


Project:   Control and monitoring of design work and construction of a double track electrified line between Thénia and Bordj Bou Arreridj (175 km) line.



-  Civil Engineer with experience in organizational studies, design and implementation, on-site monitoring of the achievements of all bodies in the art for a railway line

-  Engineer with at least 15 years of professional experience in a similar position

-  Eexperience in all issues related to the studies and all trades in the field of railways, as earthworks, culverts and bridges

-  Specific knowledge in the field of engineering related to railway property such as geology, geotechnical engineering constructions

-  Design and implementation of plans and the implementation of ancillary buildings in the railway sector.              


Job Description:

-  Coordinator, manager of administrative and logistics activities of the group

-  The Project Manager is the guarantor of the proper performance of the services entrusted to the Group.

-  General administrative procedures, organize work operations teams and ensure the organization of the control and approval of studies

-  Organize the integration of management and supervisory personnel of the contractor

-  Watch over the fulfillment of services

-  Represent the Group in all dealings with customers and authorities

-  Represent the Group in all dealings with the contractor

-  Coordination of project management teams

-  Ensure the development of rules and project management control  work teams

-  Ensure the organization and staff allocation control

-  Managing and organizing interventions specialists

-  Monitoring and managing the logistics of the group managed by the Deputy Director

-  Grant and update the MO the deployment plan of the group staff

-  Watch over contract terms

-  Ensure compliance with the security clauses

-  Ensure updating methods and internal management procedures of the consortium

-  Project management in all these steps

-  Organizing the operation and coordination of studies and work teams, coordinating all its stakeholders

-  Write service orders and report to the contractor after they are countersigned by the Employer,

-  To sign or countersign before transmission to the Client all correspondence, engineering documents and memoirs of members of the EOM reports and documents issued by the Group.

-  With the Deputy Director, ensure the establishment, implementation and updating of the Project Management Plan and QA procedures

-  Approval of the subcontractors and suppliers proposed approval by the Contractor

-  Ensure the proper performance of the services defined in the contract

-  Participation in interfaces coordination meetings between different batches of the site and relevant specialists

-  Monitoring in terms of compliance measures and regulations concerning safety on site

-  Cooperation with local authorities to organize the tasks on construction sites

-  Development of project progress reports and grouping budget

-  Organization of controls and approvals gluings plans (AS BUILT) by specialists



Statements in this Job Description are intended to reflect, in general, the duties and responsibilities of the position, but are not to be interpreted as totally inclusive.



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