Civil Engineer (Document Control)

Job Opening Details

Ref. No.: EN0104
Job Title: Civil Engineer (Document Control)
Sector: Engineering
Project Type: Onshore
Project Area: Algeria
Project Location: Algeria
Contract Type: Rotation
Rotation (if any): 6 weeks "on" / 1 week "off"
Contract Period: Undetermined
Start Date: February 20th, 2015
Salary: Euro TBA
Benefits: Accommodation, Meals, Airfares, Insurance & Visa
Job Posted: February 12th, 2015
Closing Date: August 25th, 2016

Job Description


Project:    Building the railway line between El Affroun and Khemis



-  Graduate Engineer with at least 10 years of professional experience in similar functions

-  Experience in all problems of earthworks, drainage and structures

-  Specific knowledge in the field of engineering, geology, geotechnical engineering constructions, design plans and execution and implementation of ancillary buildings in the railway sector.


Job Description:

-  The Director of the control and approval of design and construction design plans and monitoring the work of earthworks, drainage structures, and structures, is the direct contact of the head of visa department for the quality and review timely and real-time design and execution of studies in the field and to establish the organization of supervision studies by specialists within the team

-  He is responsible directly to the Head of Mission for the management and coordination of activities with teams of specialists.

-  He participates in the activities of monitoring the work on all sites of the project

-  He is responsible for coordinating the activities of the trade such as tunnels, track, catenary, power, signalling and telecom

-  It manages the organization and intervention specialists

-  He coordinates the provisional acceptance of the work and control of additional work.


Phase of control studies, he is responsible for:

-  The organization of control, the complexity of verification and documentation of the studies submitted for approval and documents returned for additions and improvements.

-  Reception and distribution of documents to his team of control engineers.

-  Coordination in terms of compliance studies with other bodies of the trade studies to avoid the works of collisions

-  Coordination of schedules controls and maintenance of contractual deadlines for the control and approval of studies

-  Documentation of checklists and observations

-  Participation in improving the quality of education


Phase of Works:

-  The development and application of rules for all the different specialists, members of the teams participating in the activities of monitoring the work on all sites of the project

-  Monitoring the compliance with standards, technical regulations in terms of occupational health and safety

-  Monitoring of compliance with the recommendations and processes defined in the QAP of the Contractor

-  Monitoring the detailed documentation of executions of work - reports, test, etc

-  Monitoring and documentation of constraints encountered during implementation

-  Activation, coordination and optimization of the interventions of external experts when necessary and in accordance with the ANESRIF.

-  Daily checks of technical work supervision and monitoring of the implementation of internal controls by the contractor.

-  Control and monitoring of corrective actions taken to ensure completion of the contractual period.

-  Preparation and submission of progress reports and the achievement gaps identified in relation to the approved documentation for the Client and the contractor

-  The demand for immediate updating of documentation, implementation studies if necessary changes

-  The proper implementation of measures to eliminate the differences in performance of work

-  Cooperation for approval and control of implementation studies based on observations of external expertise

-  Approval of working methods and the methods of internal controls of the execution quality of the contractor's work

-  Organization of monitoring work on the basis of BPE implementation plans (good for execution) updated

-  The organization of inspections and monthly monitoring of the work attachments.

-  The organization of the controls of the production of materials, components and prefabrication process. Documentation control, licenses and certifications.

-  Organization of controls on laboratory tests developed by the contractor

-  The organization of provisional acceptance of works and monitoring the quality of implementation of corrective work.

-  The organization in terms of schedule at the end of the development by the Contractor and its BET plans gluings books, documentation of test results, evidence and receptions of work and monitoring compliance of this documentation.

-  Participation in coordination meetings and internal interfaces between different batches of the site and relevant specialists



Statements in this Job Description are intended to reflect, in general, the duties and responsibilities of the position, but are not to be interpreted as totally inclusive.



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