Terms & Conditions

P.R.S. is always looking after expanding its client areas and therefore we briefly mention inhere our basic terms & conditions, as follow:

A. Co-operation Basic Terms & Conditions

Please find below-under the basic and necessary steps to follow in order to establish a cooperation with P.R.S.:

  • Agreement Signature (Client & P.R.S.)
  • Enquiries (Client -> P.R.S.)
  • Recruitment Campaign (P.R.S. ->)
  • Enquiries Fulfillment (P.R.S. -> Client)
  • Interview Scheduling & Conducting (P.R.S. -> Candidates -> Client)
  • Placement or Direct Hire & Sub-Contracting Services (P.R.S. -> Client)

B. Commercial Terms & Conditions

P.R.S. is always flexible and come-up with good cost-wise solutions to its clients in order to establish and develop long term and mutual benefits relationships. Considering this, please find below-under our basic commercial terms & conditions:

B.1. Recruitment & Placement Services

  • Contract Recruitment (Rotation) - Monthly Fee (To Be Negotiated)
  • Permanent Recruitment - Single Time Fee (To Be Negotiated)

B.2. Personnel Management Services

  • Contractor Management - Monthly Payrolling Fee (%) (To Be Negotiated)
    * These services will be provided through our parent company IMRA Group.

B.3. Associated Services

  • Other Associated Services - Handling Fee (%) (To Be Negotiated)

For more information in any of these terms & conditions respect, or for any additional ones, please don't hesitate to contact the P.R.S. Management Team at prs@imra-prs.com.

Our Motto: "Quality means a lot for us, too!" has been our primary guideline throughout all our previous co-operations. To discover how we have successfully assisted other organizations, we kindly invite you to visit our Clients List.


P.R.S. is always having a full transparency approach with all its clients and/or candidates and therefore we never charge any kind of fees or deduct anything from candidate' salaries.