Employer's Admin

For all Crew / Personnel Management type of contracts, IMRA Group has designed an administration page dedicated to those clients that are interested in administering or having real-time access to all documents related to their project(s) and day-by-day operations:

Project Personnel

  • Personnel Private Documents (i.e. CV, Passport Copy, Diplomas, Certificates etc.)
  • Personnel Pre-Hiring Documents (i.e. References, Medical / Next of Kin / Bank Forms etc.)
  • Hiring & Sub-Contracting Documents (i.e. Employment Contract, Assignment Letter etc.)
  • Personnel Payrolling Documents (i.e. ITFs, Payment Orders, Pay Slips etc.)
  • Logistic & Admin Documents (i.e. Visas, Airfares Bookings, In & Out Personnel Charts etc.)
  • Contract Termination Documents (i.e. Termination Letters, Assessments, References etc.)

Project Management

  • Invoicing & Accountancy (i.e. ITFs, Monthly Invoices, Time-Sheets etc.)
  • Company Policies Compliance (i.e. Company Manual, Safety Policy Compliance etc.)
  • Mobilization & Demobilization (i.e. In & Out Crew Rota Charts, Airfare Bookings etc.)
  • ...and many other useful information...

If you are a client of IMRA Group and you are interested to better administer your business with us, please follow below-listed procedure:

If you are not a client of IMRA Group yet, but you are interested to become one and use this administering system, please use the Inquiry Form or contact us directly at management[at]imra-group.com and we will get back to you as soon as after. Thank you!