What We Do

P.R.S. has the knowledge and all necessary resources to serve world-wide small, medium or large projects. Our Company's goal is to provide each client with particularly tailored services they're looking after. Therefore, please find below-under the primary services (but not limited to it) that P.R.S. is able and interested to provide you with:

Recruitment & Staffing Services

P.R.S. can introduce your Company to an elite group of professionals. Our staff carefully selects the candidates based on their qualifications, experience and credentials as they relate to your specific needs. Our recruitment & staffing processes includes the following services: Client's Job Analysis, Sourcing (Advertising, Recruitment Campaign & D-Base Interrogation), CVs' Registration, CVs' Pre-Screening, CVs' Short-Listing, Pre-Interview Conducting (English & Technical Skills Check-Up), Client's Final Interview Set-Up & Sustaining (Face-2-Face, Phone or Video Conducted), Interview Follow-Up (Both with Successful & Rejected Candidates), Successful Candidates' Credentials Check-Up, Medical Check-Up (if required), Drug & Alcohol Screening (if required), Psychometric Testing (if required), Visas & Work Permit Obtaining (if required), Hiring Procedures Coordination, Mobilization & Demobilization, Airfares & Travel / Logistic Coordination (if required) and many others.

Personnel Management

For any Personnel Management projects, P.R.S. will direct you towards its parent company IMRA Group as they are entitled and able to better assist your needs in this matter. For any queries, please don't hesitate to contact them directly at management@imra-group.com and they'll follow-up with you shortly after.

P.R.S. would be delighted to have you as its client and therefore if you would like to find out more about our capabilities, please don't hesitate to contact us: prs@imra-prs.com.